I believe, together we can build lasting connections... 


Hi there, I'm Leigh.

First, I want to connect with you.


Then, I want to help you genuinely connect your story, your brand, your mission & your vision with the world.





Messaging, storytelling, script writing, bios, about pages, social media, website copy



Set decorating, in-store installations, window displays, dinner parties, home staging, merchandising.    


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Experience planning, project management, fundraising asset creation, backdrops, installations.

Think about it...

That movie is in your 'top 5' because you felt included in the narrative.

Something about that artist's work left you feeling a bit more understood.

You donated because you felt compelled to become a part of something bigger. 

We exist with a deep desire and need for connection...


lasting connection makeS all the difference.


"People may never remember anything else, but a single conversation of meaning." - Connection lasts.


Talented humans I've worked with: West Elm Inc. | MilkGlass Creative Passion City Church | Salt Conferences | RED Productions | BraveLove | Compassion International | High Fancy Paper | Darling Magazine | RELEVANT Magazine | The Well Citywide