The Climb


I climbed all the way to the top and took a moment to look back and take in the view. As I was climbing up the stairs they seemed like they’d never end.

I looked back and noticed a family with two small children climbing not too far behind. A little ways behind them was an engaged couple taking photos amongst the leaves. They were followed by a woman who looked to be a couple of months along in her pregnancy. Countless others were climbing with circumstances which seemed to be a bit less recognizable. We were all climbing the same stairs.

Each and every one in the midst of different seasons, carrying our own unique burdens...all wondering if we’d make it to the top without giving up. One by one each person made it to where I was standing. Some looked back to recognize how far they’d come, others simply kept moving along.

We’re all climbing...carrying different loads, but climbing nonetheless.

Take it step by step, don’t compare your climb to anyone else’s, ask for help, give yourself’s the only way. You’ll reach the top. We all will. It won’t be easy, but we’ll be better for it.

I promise.